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Doctors Frequently Asked Questions

Which factors are critical to a successful Active Aligner case?
  • Impression taking – Be it impregum, PVS impressions or intraoral scans, the foundation to a great Active Aligner patient outcome starts with a great patient impression (ensure the impregum or PVS and light-body material used has set properly and always remember 2mm-4mm of gingival tissue).
  • Treatment planning – The patient is usually concerned with certain things about their smile. Your comments and requests to the treatment planners are important for your patient’s final outcome.
  • Aligner chewies – Patients don’t understand how important that little coloured piece of squishy material in their aligner box really is. Chewies help firmly seat the aligners for best teeth tracking, especially when your patients move on to a new stage #LoveTheChewie.
Are PVS impressions accepted?

Yes they are, we can’t stress the importance of good impressions.

What type of intraoral scans are accepted?

All leading intraoral scans are accepted. Digital scans must be submitted in STL format. STL is the open source standard – therefore you are not required to buy any specific scanner.

Why are Active Aligners trimmed 2mm from the gingival margin?

A study from the University of Nevada compared the retentive strength of the three trimming techniques. 

The outcomes based on the techniques are impressive (full study here).

  • For clear aligners without attachments, the 2mm cut from the gingival margin was about 2x as retentive as traditionally scalloped.
  • For clear aligners with attachments, the 2mm cut from the gingival margin was over 4x as retentive as the scalloped trim.
  • Comfortable for patients – with a smooth contour and a 2mm trim line into the gingival margins, less risk of irritating the gingiva and more discreet as the edge of the Active Aligner should be under the patient’s lip profile.
How long does it take to receive a Candidacy Determination?
  • 24 hours – If using an intraoral scanner.
  • 48 hours – If sending an impregum / PVS impression.
How long does it take to receive the initial proposed treatment setup?

Once you have requested a full treatment plan after receiving the patient’s candidacy as a yes: The treatment plan, smile summary, and 3D video will be available to review on your platform within 3 business days. Always remember to submit quality control photos.

How long does it take to manufacture and deliver Active Aligners?

Once the treatment setup is approved by you, your patient’s aligners will be shipped to you within 5 -7 working days.

How long should a patient wear each stage?

The recommended wear time for aligners is 22 hours each day for approximately 2 weeks per stage (when not using any other orthodontic acceleration device). 

What if my patient loses an Active Aligner?
  • If the patient has worn the lost set for less than 7 days – instruct them to temporarily use the previous set while the replacements are ordered and made. Replacement aligners are available for purchase and will ship within 3 business days after placing the order.
  • If the patient has worn the lost set for at least 7 days – instruct them to move onto the next set.
What is an orthodontic acceleration device?

Example: AcceleDent – Vibratory orthodontic device clinically proven to speed up orthodontic treatment and reduce discomfort by up to 71%.
Technology breakthroughs in aligner therapy are coming thick and fast. There is currently research going into accelerator devices that will allow patients to change aligners as soon as every week. Stay tuned – we’re currently looking for an accelerator partner with a research backed device.