Our collaboration now connects your practice to growth and modern day orthodontics

Orthodontics is a booming industry that is becoming even more lucrative.

Clear aligners are one of the major growth engines of this boom. They are a modern alternative to traditional braces for straightening a patient’s teeth. Many patients favor them over braces for several reasons and ever since their introduction are constantly gaining popularity.

In a few, simple steps, you can offer your patients a high-quality, streamlined Active Aligner treatment

Sign Up

If you are new to clear aligners, complete the online course here: Active Aligners Online Course.

If you have previous experience with aligners, simply sign up here.

You will be sent a mail with details to login into your newly created doctors account within 24 hours.

You will be listed on the provider page in your relevant country.

As with any other specialty in dentistry, you’ll be responsible for your patient’s treatment.

Primescan / Omnicam

Direct scanning to Active Aligners from your scanner or alternatively directly upload your STL files to the platform. 

Scan Stratagies in PDF by Dentsply Sirona South Africa here – Intraoral scanners

Primescan video here – DS Youtube Primescan

Omnicam video here – DS Youtbe – Omincam

Submit Records

Standard set of quality control photos: 5 intraoral and 3 facial.

X-rays are optional, if you do not include x-rays please make sure your instructions and prescriptions are well explained. (we won’t delay your case if you decide not to include them)

Approve and Payment

Use your Doctor login (here), to review your case, either approve or state additional changes. 

Complete the lab order (here)

Your Active Aligner case will be delivered within 2 weeks

Unlocking the potential of Active Aligners in your practice

It’s comes as no surprise that clear aligner treatment is one of the fastest-growing sectors in dentistry, as it has a low barrier to entry, great return on investment and provides patients with a modern solution to traditional orthodontics in a predictable, smooth, clear and comfortable manner.

What Dental Professionals Are Saying 

Dr Badiredi Tau

Primescan Intraoral scanner – Botswana

After considering adding clear aligners to my practice, I signed up with Active Aligners. In the first month alone I had 2 case starts, and as the word spread that I offer clear aligner treatment, I have started to see more and more patients become interested in the treatment.

Dr Nikita Morar

Omnicam INTRAORAL SCANNER – South Africa

Using the platform has been easy, the 3D viewer is a great tool as part of the review process as it allows me to see tooth movement stage by stage.

Full Press Release Below

Our Collaboration Now Connects Your Practice to Growth and Modern Day Orthodontics

 Smile Club, the South African distributors of Active Aligners, and Dentsply Sirona South Africa are proud to announce that Omnicam and Primescan users are now able to send full arch and occlusion scans as well as export STL files directly to the Active Aligner platform for the provision of clear aligners.

 This integration is significant as it allows South African practitioners almost immediate entry into one of the fastest growing high margin treatments that is currently transforming dentistry globally. 

Ultimately, benefitting the most from this collaboration are the patients, as in the past, highly expensive aligners and/or lifestyle reasons meant that traditional orthodontics weren’t a realistic option. By partnering and working with dental professionals we are eliminating historical cost barriers that previously existed in the market. This is done with the use of technology, application platforms, digital workflows, 3D scanning and printing which allows providers to change lives and create confidence with Active Aligners.
This is the case of a large multinational corporate supporting a South African business with true global potential. Both companies are optimistic about the future prospects of this announcement and the positive impact it will have on South Africa’s dental industry.
With representatives from the two companies having the following to say:
“Today’s announcement shows the commitment Active Aligners has for not only South Africa, but Africa as a whole, in building long lasting relationships in the dental profession and industry by making clear aligner therapy affordable and accessible to both the profession and the public at large.
“Our vision has and continues to be, using feedback from practitioners and innovation to continuously advance and improve Active Aligners processes, reduce costs, improve efficiencies and create accessibility for clear aligners.”

-Elton Lau, Co-founder Active Aligners

“Dentsply Sirona South Africa is excited about the collaboration, as it will allow CEREC Doctors using an Omnicam or Prime Scan to send highly accurate digital scans to Active Aligners, for the local production of affordable active orthodontic clear aligners, thereby increasing CEREC doctors scope of offerings and service to their patients.”

-Andy Cyprianos, GM Dentsply Sirona South Africa

 We are excited to see what the future holds for dental professionals and patients alike.

With practitioners producing great patient outcomes and favourable margins, it’s no surprise that more and more dental professionals are adding Active Aligners to their practice.

Active Clear Aligners - Results Before
Active Clear Aligners - Results After

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