Active Aligners for dentists and orthodontists full workflow and FAQ's

Active Aligners workflow, platform, help and tips and tricks

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Sign up – If you have clear aligner experience

Should you already have experience with clear aligners, you can sign up without doing the online Active Aligners course.

Should you wish to do the course it can be found here: Online Active Aligners Course

Basics – Online Active Aligners Course

Here you can access the basic course for starting clear aligners in your practice. Online Active Aligners Course

There is a sign up option at the end of the course, should you wish to sign up before completing the course, click here.

Topics include:

  • What are Active Aligners / Clear Aligners
  • How do Active Aligners / Clear Aligners work
  • The Treatment Process
  • Clinical Symptoms
  • Clinical Criteria
  • The Process:
    • Treatment Evaluation
    • Treatment Submission
    • Treatment Plan Review & Approval
    • Treatment Starts
      • (NB) IPR – Interproximal Reduction
      • (NB) Attachments
    • Treatment Monitoring
      • Your job ends and the patients job starts
    • Finishing and Retention
  • Patient Case Examples
  • Why is There a Need?
  • Why Active Aligners?
Common Sense Orthodontics for Clear Aligner Treatment – Better Understanding Orthodontics

This course has been developed by leading South African orthodontist Dr Zieg Weber to bridge the gap between orthodontics and general dentistry in a clear ‘no-fluff’ format.

Common Sense Orthodontics for Clear Aligner Treatment – Dr Zieg Weber’s online course can be found here.

A special focus has been placed on clear aligner treatment as increasing numbers of general dentists have begun to take on orthodontic cases with clear aligners, and this trend only set to increase as time goes by.

In this course, Dr Zieg shares some of his most pertinent insights gained from treating over 16 000 full arch dentitions in his orthodontic practice.

The topics covered in this course include:

1. The facts and fallacies of clear aligner treatment
2. The do’s and dont’s for case selection and retention in clear aligner treatment
3. The history of orthodontics
4. Diagnostics and treatment planning in orthodontics
5. The biomechanics of orthodontic tooth movement
6. Temporo-mandibular joint issues: A different perspective
Bonus: Dr Zieg’s own fixed retention treatment protocol

Whether you are just starting with orthodontics in your practice, or consider yourself more experienced, this course will have something of value for you.

*Note: This course has been adapted from Dr Zieg’s webinar series by popular demand.

Expand your knowledge with Dr Weber’s online course.

Impression collection/mailing or intra oral scanning

We accept both forms 

For impression collection, please email your relevant countries collection desk

For STL uploads you have two options, direct upload to the platform here, or you can connect to the Active Aligners lab for us to add to your patients case (please note we can only add the STL’s to the patient case if you have created it on the platform)

Navigating the online Active Aligners platform

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Creating a case (photos, STL upload or sent to us, impression)

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Review a case – 3D review, PDF smile summary, Quality control photos 


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Tips and Tricks for better patient outcomes

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Results from doctors with Active Aligners

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Doctors Testimonials – Active Aligners

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